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Support for a Healthy Heart
“Two large studies from Northwestern Medicine confirm a healthy lifestyle has the biggest impact on cardiovascular health. One study shows the majority of people who adopted healthy lifestyle behaviors in young adulthood maintained a low cardiovascular risk profile in middle age. The five most important healthy behaviors are not smoking, low or no alcohol intake, weight control, physical activity and a healthy diet. The other study shows cardiovascular health is due primarily to lifestyle factors and healthy behavior, not heredity.”
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Support for a Healthy Heart

Supporting good heart health should be at the top of everyone's priority list. With ingredients formulated by doctors and researched by Vollara's Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, Vollara offers products created with good health in mind. From natural antioxidants to essential fatty acids, you'll find only the best in Uncompromising Health.


Fatty acids key to brain, heart, and joint function

Re:Store is a complete source of fatty acids, a vital balance of Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids to help reduce inflammation, promote healthy skin and support healthy brain, nerve, cardiovascular and metabolic function. Research shows that essential fatty acids are key to healthy brain, heart, and joint function. Re:Store provides the optimum balance of essential fats for health and well-being.

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Nutrients for cardiovascular wellness

Re:Mind offers the essential Omega-3 fatty acid nutrients that are necessary for proper development and cardiovascular wellness, yet cannot be produced by the body, Re:Mind features a lemon flavored capsule and both DHA and EPA for optimal benefits.

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Help maintain healthy circulation

Re:Plenish blends the high resveratrol content of muscadine grapes and other grapes to create a delicious 2 ounce serving with an ORAC score exceeding daily USDA recommendations. Re:Plenish includes this special mixture to help maintain healthy circulation and nervous system function, and support the body's ability to eliminate free radicals.

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Restore energy levels and promote healthy system function

When you're feeling run down and overwhelmed by high levels of stress, B vitamins can help you get back on track. Re:Coupe provides a blend of complex B vitamins and chelated magnesium in an all-natural, food-based formula to help restore energy levels, support metabolism and promote healthy system function throughout the body.

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Combat stress and free radicals

Re:Inforce with natural antioxidants and ingredients, including resveratrol, maritime pine bark extract, and grape seed extract, is formulated to help the body strengthen its own defenses against free radicals. Combat environmental toxins, stress, excess activity, and the free radicals they can create.

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Royal Essentials

Royal Jelly Plus Vitamins

Combining Royal Jelly, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and unpasteurized honey, Royal Essentials works naturally to support a healthy cardiovascular system. Royal Essentials features a natural honey formula with only 5 calories per serving that's easily absorbed into the body.

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