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Vollara products to support aging gracefully

Age gracefully with Vollara

While everyone gets older, some people seem to be more affected than others. Is there a secret to aging gracefully? Regardless of your age, maintaining good health is always the best way to fight the aging process. Vollara's philosophy of Uncompromising Health includes products that can help combat the effects of aging, maintain energy, and help you stay active.


The power of resveratrol from the muscadine grape

Re:Plenish blends the high resveratrol content of muscadine grapes and other grapes to create a delicious 2 ounce serving with an ORAC score exceeding daily USDA recommendations. Re:Plenish includes this special mixture to help maintain healthy circulation and nervous system function, and support the body's ability to eliminate free radicals.

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Essential fatty acids

Re:Mind offers the essential Omega-3 fatty acid nutrients that are necessary for proper development and cardiovascular wellness, yet cannot be produced by the body, Re:Mind features a lemon flavored capsule and both DHA and EPA for optimal benefits.

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All-natural, food-based multivitamin

Re:Gain is an all-natural, food-based multivitamin formulated to deliver the nutrients your body for maintaining healthy cell function, overall health, and more energy. Re:Gain can provide the essential vitamins and nutrients that can be lacking in modern diets and over-processed foods.

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The calcium, magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin D you need

In order to keep bones healthy, adequate levels of calcium and vitamin D are needed. Some of these nutrients can come from food, but when diet alone is unable to meet the body's needs, supplement with Re:Build, an all-natural formula with calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc to help support healthy bones and teeth.

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10 essential minerals

Re:Claim combines 10 essential minerals with CAeDS® in a unique balance designed to replenish mineral deficiencies in the diet. Processed foods, combined with a busy lifestyle, can contribute to a deficiency of the minerals that are critical to maintaining more energy, stamina, healthy organs, strong bones and healthy hair, skin and nails. Re:Claim helps put those missing minerals back.

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More energy with greater mental focus

Inspire your mind and energize your body with the latest formulation from Vollara! Re:Vive is a convenient on-the-go energy fizz perfect for a quick energy boost. Re:Vive not only boosts energy levels naturally, it supports mental focus, immune function and overall well-being, all without the crash normally experienced from other energy supplements.

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